My Flamingo Hotel Collection

Flamingo Statue  This is the statue given out at the opening of the hotel.

Hotel Hanger  This is one of the hangers used in the hotel from 1947-1950 .

Soap  I believe these are from the 50's.

Hotel Directory  This directory is from the 50's.

Loot bag  Casion loot bag from late 50's early 60's.

Little Squirt  This is a gift item from the hotel its for a punch bowl. I think this is from 1948 or 1949.

Silverware  I am not sure about the dates on these. Although I believe they are from 1947 and 1949.

Bar Glass  Bar glass from 1948.

Napkin  Napkin from 1948 or 1949.

Chips  Various Chips.

Ashtray  Not sure of date for this one.

Matches  Various Matchbooks.

Swizzle Sticks  Same swizzle, different color.

Postcards  Various postcards.

Slot machine bank   Late 40's early 50's slot machine bank.

Play Cards   Cards that show you have to play black jack and craps I am guessing they are from the 50's.

Shoe Shine Cloth  Cool Shoe shine cloth not sure of the date on this one.

Bell  Cute little bell I picked up on my last trip.

Champaign Bottle  This is a champaign bottle from New Years Eve 2000.

Trinket Boxes  These are various boxes I have picked up on my trips to Vegas.

Newer flamingo Statue  This is the newest flamingo statue from the hotel.

Shot Glasses  various shot glasses.

Flamingo Plate  New decorative plate.

Collectors box  Not really sure what to call this. This is a collectors set that had Ben's name on it. It has a watch and a knife.

Slot machine glass Great piece of glass from a mid 60's slot machine from the flamingo.

Old Breakfast Menu Great old Menu from the 50's, check out the art work!

Old flier Old Entertainment flier

1950's sugar packet

1962 hotel brochure Check out the house boy service!

1960's hotel brochure I believe this was used in 1962 and 1963

Oldest Ash Tray This is the oldest known ash tray for the hotel.

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