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A friend of donated this photo of two plaques in memoriam of Ben and his father Max. These memorial plaques hang in the synagogue that the Siegel family attended ( out of respect for this holy place I will not post the name of the synagogue and kindly request that you do not email me asking the name of the synagogue)under the photo there is a detailed description as to what the plaques mean..

The Hebrew writing on the plaque states that Ben's religous name was Beirush. The Hebrew on the plaque says "Beirush son of Mordechai Halevi". Halevi means he was a direct son after son of Levy, the third son of Jacob. The Hebrew date is given as 3 Tammuz 5707 (although the 3rd was Saturday, the murder was after sunset and hence the next day).

The Hebrew text on the Plaque above reads "Mordechai Dov son of Beirush Halevi", which, assuming the palque is for Ben's father, would mean that Ben was named after his grand-father.

Thanks again to a friend who shared this with me.